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We are Bramhall Runners

We are a running club based in Bramhall, South Manchester, Cheshire. We were formed in April 2012 and meet at our base at Bramhall Recreation Centre on Seal Road. We are a friendly, non-profit making running club which caters for all abilities from 11 years old and above.

1:1 Coaching

Julie Fairclough is a Level 2 Coach. She coached at Stockport Harriers for 5 years and is the founder of Bramhall Runners, an Advanced Level 3 Gym Instructor and a certified Personal Trainer. She is also an NLP Practitioner.

Training plans, goal setting, technique, core plans can all be obtained at affordable prices – average prices for an individual training plan are £5 per week.

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Upcoming Races

7:30pm @ The Railway Pub WA16 6LA
11:00am @ Staveley Recreation Ground LA8 9LN
7:30pm @ Carousel Public House, Reddish Road, South Reddish, Stockport

Latest from Facebook

Good morning SMRC,How well did you all do last weekend I cannot start this post without a mention of all the great performances by you runners in different races ranging from 5K to Marathon over the past 4 or 5 weeks,months of hard work certainly paid off in bucket loads.For you London Marathon runners this weekend should if you decide to run be a very easy run,might I suggest Melanie Jane Li's Chipolata group - shorter distance at a slightly slower pace,it starts at the same place as the main run at the same time (8:45am) or if you take it at a slower pace then feel free to join the main group,This weeks main group run is the run that we were going to do last week,so up to Davenport station,through Adswood to Morisons then up to Stockport county's ground and back to the park.This run if not sausaging is about 7 - 8 miles with sausaging about 10.When we arrive back at the park Lok Li is planning on running a group to make the distance between 12 and 13 miles and all are welcome (the rote for this to be decided on the day.

This weekend also see's Bramhall Parkruns birthday celebrations and presentations, and the cafe in the park is putting offers on bacon buttys and coffee straight after the run all welcome,check out the parkrun page for more info - But before the party ORIGAN circuits on the archery field at Bramhall park be there for 8:20am this weeks group will be led by Andy Cordes and will be finished by 8:50 am giving you plenty of time to get to the parkrun start line in time.Origan circuits are a great way of building strength and preventing injury and as an added bonus they are a great warm up for parkrun and Simon Fennell's high knee's have to be seen!.There is no charge for either the SMRC runs or the origan circuits and they are open to all runners regardless of club status or not.

Chester Marathon runners

Since posting that the SMRC training over the summer will be gearing up for the Chester Marathon a lot of you have been asking when this will start and what if any are the training plans,well let me briefly let you know:- we are going over the next two months to start building up for training which starts in July by which time you should have a base long run of 16 miles and be running 4 - 5 times a week.I will give you more info if you come and see me and post more over the next two weeks.Origan circuits will help prevent injury and assist in building strength ready for this and you should be starting it as soon as possible,if you cannot always get to this group I can give you a plan on request so you can still do them at home so no excuses.

I think I have covered it all for this weekend so all that is left to say is run fast stay safe and look after each other.
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