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We are Bramhall Runners

We are a running club based in Bramhall, South Manchester, Cheshire. We were formed in April 2012 and meet at our base at Bramhall Recreation Centre on Seal Road. We are a friendly, non-profit making running club which caters for all abilities from 11 years old and above.

1:1 Coaching

Julie Fairclough is a Level 2 Coach. She coached at Stockport Harriers for 5 years and is the founder of Bramhall Runners, an Advanced Level 3 Gym Instructor and a certified Personal Trainer. She is also an NLP Practitioner.

Training plans, goal setting, technique, core plans can all be obtained at affordable prices – average prices for an individual training plan are £5 per week.

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Bramhall Runners

Who's doing their strength exercises religiously?
Have you noticed an improvement in your running technique? Have you noticed you're feeling stronger at races and in training?

We'll be having a re-test in November to see who has improved and who is dedicated to keep at these exercises!

Here's a reminder of the exercises and targets to keep running strong and injury free

Strength and Flexibility test exercises

1. Single straight leg calf raises - to strengthen the gastrocnemius muscle in the calf. Target 30

2. Single bent leg calf raises - to strengthen the soleus muscle in the calf. Target 30

Why are calf raises and stronger calves so important? The calves take a lot of force in running, stronger calves give you better form and more power. Bent knee calf raises are key as they target the soleus, when we run we run with bent legs. Weak calves can lead to injuries such as shin splints, achilles problems and plantar fasciitis. Single leg calf raises are more beneficial for runners.

3. Hamstring strength/capacity - Single leg hamstring raises - Target 30 - lie on back, perform bridge, keep one foot pressing into foot and raise opposite leg, release hip and back down slowly so hovering just above floor, lift up and repeat.

4. Ankle flexibility - Target 7-12 cm. Knee to wall - the aim is to stand with toes against a wall and tap knee to wall. Edge foot away and take foot away until knee can no longer touch wall. Heel must stay down.

5. Side plank - Target 2 minutes. Only parts of the body that are on the floor are elbow and feet. Only one hand touching the floor, shin of bottom leg has to stay off the floor.
Why do side plank and not standard plank? Side plank strengthens the hips more than standard plank. Supports the lower back, improves posture for running. Strengthens the hip abductors which help to stabilise us when we run. Side plank builds strength in the lateral abdominal muscles which stabilise the spine when we're running which leads to improved running economy. Strong hip abductors stop the hips collapsing when we're running.

6. Hamstring length - target 0-10 degrees - lying on back, left leg out straight on floor. Draw right knee in so it's line with your right hip. Lift right foot up to ceiling, you're aiming for a nearly straight leg. ...

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