Bramhall Runners

About Us

We are a running club based in Bramhall, South Manchester, Cheshire. We were affiliated with England Athletics in April 2012. Our registration reference is 7692242.

We meet at our base at Bramhall Leisure Centre, part of Bramhall High School on Seal Road, Bramhall. We are a friendly running club which caters for all abilities from 11 years old and above. All proceeds from monies taken at our sessions are put towards coaching development, equipment purchase and donations to chosen charities.

See our timetable for various sessions on offer – our running group based in Bramhall can help you achieve faster times or better overall fitness.

Here at Bramhall Runners we believe in changing the world for the better, and enriching and enhancing the lives of individuals of all ages and abilities through running. Our efforts range from holding beginners sessions, 5k-10k improvers, main Wednesday night session, running improvement sessions to improve technique, weekly core and strength classes. Also organising aquathlons, duathlons, triathlons and encouraging all members of the community to have a go, monthly challenges to keep active and keep strong.

We attempt to win people over to the benefits of running – person by person.

We know how good running is for people in so many ways.

We also know the compelling satisfaction that running and improvement in running brings.


If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, our friendly running group may be the answer to your prayers.

  • Do YOU want to get fit but aren’t sure how?
  • Do YOU want to start exercising but unsure of how far you should push yourself?
  • Do YOU want to feel good and have more energy but have problems motivating yourself?
  • Do YOU enjoy running and want to enter races and pick up the pace?
  • Do YOU want to start running and enjoy it?
  • Do YOU want to run faster, further, than you have ever done before?

Our Mission is to find the inner athlete in everyone.

At Bramhall Runners we realise everyone is an individual and so no two Running Programmes are the same. We will find a training session to suit you. We will give you one to one friendly advice on all you need to know about health, fitness, exercise, how to start running, how to get faster at running, nutrition and diet.

Achieve the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted, make it happen in 2022, this will be the year.

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that results happen! We believe that with the right help EVERYONE can achieve their dreams.