Bramhall Runners

Mow Cop Killer Mile
April 30, 2015, 7:10pm @ Mow Cop, Stoke On Trent

The “brief but brutal” race route breaks into several different sections – a gentle first 1/4 mile away from the level crossing, then a 1-in-5 section up to Birch Tree Lane. A steady climb up through the fields in full view of the horrors to come, and at last the truly killer bit – the 1-in-4 section past the most popular spectator spot outside the Cheshire View, whose front door is the 3/4 mile mark. Even the comparatively level section from the top corner to the Finish is still climbing – never have so many people “sprinted” so slowly.

Enter this fantastic, gritty challenge!


Well done Jo, Marie and Phil!