Bramhall Runners

2023 parkrun Age Grade League

Why are we doing this?

It’s a bit different!

It was proposed last year as a bit of a twist on the Race Series, which ranks purely based on times, but can also be highly dependant on attendance at events (low and high can both have large impacts).

It might even be fun!

How does it work?

Each month we have nominated one parkrun venue (which is also one of that month’s Race Series parkruns; apart from February).

You can take part in that parkrun event as many times as you like that month.

At the end of the month, everyone’s best Age Grading from that parkrun across the whole month is ranked.

The highest age grade receives the highest score. As with the Race Series, the highest age grade receives either 25 points or, if larger, points equal to the number of men or women who took part that month. The next highest age grade receives one less point, and so on. But, unlike the Race Series, the maximum points available per event is 25. So if there are more than 25 runners, we will also rescale the points such that the maximum remains 25 and the minimum 1.

At the end of the year, points from all the months are tallied, and the winners are the men and women with the highest points!

Other than that, the rules are the same as the Race Series!

Monthly locations