Bramhall Runners

Bollington Nostalgia 7mile DOUBLE POINTS!
July 12, 2015, 11:00am @ Bridgend Centre , 104 Palmerston Street , Bollington, SK10 5PW

The 11th Bollington Nostalgia Hill Race will take place on Sunday 12th July 2015. The race starts at 11:00am. It is a 7.11 mile run, multi-terrain on road, pasture, high moorland (1200ft climb) and canal towpath. Age 18 and over only. The course is partially marked and martialled by over 40 wonderfully enthusiastic volunteers.

Entry fees for runners are £6.00 in advance or £8.00 on the day. Email for entry form or ask at the Bridgend Centre.


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